What Does an Affiliate Management Agency Do in Your Business?

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Most companies that have launched an affiliate marketing program are aware that this pay-for-performance channel is high-touch, relationship-based, and requires a consistent, hands-on approach to provide the required results. This is why the majority of big brands and organizations hire an affiliate management agency to oversee and manage their affiliate program on a day-to-day basis.

Factors that decide affiliate management agency’s role in a company

A multitude of factors influences the role of an affiliate management agency, including:


  • the size of the company
  • more resources required to support a high-performing affiliate program
  • the affiliate program’s maturity


To promote the growth of their program, a well-known national brand, for example, may have a full in-house affiliate staff as well as an affiliate management agency.


Whatever the circumstance, an affiliate management agency should be able to act as an extension of the brand to ensure that their affiliate program is correctly managed, with the right company, corporate objectives, campaigns, and resources, to ensure that the brand-driven KPIs are fulfilled.


What value do they add to the business?

A high-performing affiliate management campaign has multiple levels that must be managed effectively.

Build and Launch

Without the guidance of someone with experience in the channel, creating and launching a new affiliate program can be a daunting undertaking.


Using an affiliate management agency to assist with the development and launch of a new affiliate program will help ensure that the program is successful. This can include things like:


  • Setting the channel’s initial strategy based on competitive intelligence and industry statistics.
  • Advising a brand on the optimal tracking platform or affiliate network for their affiliate program (from an educated, unbiased standpoint).
  • Important affiliate alliances and campaign strategies that will aid the brand in achieving early results
  • Choosing the correct key performance indicators (KPIs) to use to assess the channel’s success.

It’s also critical for a brand/company to keep their affiliate program management agency up to date on what’s going on in their organization, such as advertising and promotional product launches, because then the affiliate strategy may be adjusted accordingly.



Your affiliate marketing agency will assist you in optimizing and nurturing your affiliate program once it has passed the build/launch stage in order to drive month-over-month growth.


Your program management team will focus on the types of incremental growth that are vital to your organization, as well as ensuring that your program is always recruiting and optimizing new partners.

This entails regularly connecting with partners to maintain a continual stream of new partners promoting your brand, as well as collaborating with your top performers to keep your brand top-of-mind.


Your affiliate program management agency should continue to focus on growing the program to match with your business goals as it matures, which is normally around the 1-2 year mark.

However, compared to the expansion stage, you may see that the number of new, scalable partners joining the program has reduced. This is a time when your program management firm will be more innovative in its strategic approach to promoting growth.


With the support and supervision of our affiliate management agency, you may discover that there are more ways that the affiliate channel can generate new clients that you hadn’t considered previously as your business grows and evolves. You may, for example, employ your affiliate program to aid in the growth of your email acquisition list.


Alternatively, perhaps you’re thinking about expanding your affiliate program to additional countries or regions. Your affiliate management agency will be crucial to your expansion attempts if they have experience and competence with global affiliate program management. Over the last few years, affiliate programs have been expanding globally. In today’s economy, most brands and companies regard globalizing their activities and coordinating their marketing efforts as a must.


As companies look for the most cost-effective ways to “go global,” they’re discovering that different affiliate networks, platforms, affiliates, and marketing agencies specialize in different areas. Working with a seasoned global affiliate marketing agency as a single point of contact to oversee the various actors on the ground can assist streamline and accelerate the process of growing a program into a new country or region.


Affiliate Marketing and Management Day-to-Day

Affiliate program management companies are also knowledgeable in the day-to-day operations required to run a high-performing affiliate program, in addition to the four core areas listed above. Daily program operations take place in all four major areas and include the management of vital tasks such as:

Partner applications are processed, partner newsletters are sent, and performance reporting, compliance, and fraud monitoring are all monitored.

Selecting the right affiliate management agency for your business is an important decision. We also offer affiliate management services in USA, digital consulting services in USA, digital marketing service in USA for company.

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